PATHS envisions communities that are free from intimate partner and family violence.

Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS) is the member association for agencies that provide intimate partner violence services across Saskatchewan. Our members are women’s shelters (also known as domestic violence shelters, safe shelters, transition houses, or interval houses), second stage shelters, and counseling centers that offer counseling and support to survivors of IPV.



Communities that are free from intimate partner and family violence.


PATHS’ mission is to support and collaborate with member agencies and others to address, prevent, and ultimately to eliminate intimate partner and family violence.


We support our membership and communities through: awareness; education; research; advocacy; revenue generation; and providing programs and services.


Jo-Anne Dusel

Executive Director

Crystal Giesbrecht

Director of Research 

Kathryn Boyce

Project Coordinator

Jess Hoover

E-Learning Coordinator


 I appreciated the training as I learned a lot. I thought it was structured well. I think a lot of different workplaces could use this training, not just those working closely with IPV victims/survivors.
— Grace Walsh
All of this information is valuable, and since IPV does not discriminate, this training can be applied to all workplaces regardless of occupation.
— Grace Walsh
Thank you for this excellent information. You are educating and changing peoples' stigmas around IPV.
— Grace Walsh